Cars birthday cake & cake pops

It was such a pleasure to be making this birthday cake for Annabelle who happens to love everything to do with Cars.  I’ve heard that since she was a toddler she’s slept with models of Disney Cars in both her hands…a ritual that is kept even to this age.

What I loved even more was making the cake pops for her.  They say third time’s a charm and how rightly so.  The very first time I made cake pops it was a bit of a disaster, it took me forever to get the consistency of the candy melts right (note: you can’t just use ANY couverture chocolate), some balls ended up with a very thick coating of chocolate.

The second time I made cake pops (my wedding cake pops), I was so eager to finish making the wedding favours for everyone so that I could get on with my other wedding prep (like getting a facial, massage…etc you know…the important stuff) that I didn’t let the cake balls thaw enough outside of the fridge that a lot of them started cracking once it was dried.  Lesson learnt: Make sure you thaw it for a bit before you dip it in the candy melts.

Finally, the third time is indeed a charm.  Not one cake pop was wasted in making these awesome cars.  Temperature checked.  Chocolate consistency checked.  Job completed checked.


Easter bunny cupcakes

Now I don’t quite know where the legend of the Easter bunny came from (nor can I be bothered googling it) but you have to admit that it looks cute – who doesn’t love small bunnies?

So here’s some Easter bunny cupcakes that I hope you’ll love as well. I’d much prefer these than the chocolate Easter bunnies you’d get at your local supermarket/chocolate store.

Gingerbread girl party favour

Now it shouldn’t be much of a surprise how much I love edible party favours. Gone are the days of giving out colouring pencils and a notepad as a thank you gift to your guests. If it’s not edible then me no likey (except for the case that I heard of where the child’s father, an Exec of a telecommunications company gave out iPhones to every kid as a party favour – yes very Oprah-like I know).

So what made this edible favour so special? Well birthdays are there so that the birthday girl can feel like a princess being at the centre of attention, so what better way to celebrate than making the gingerbread girl wear the exact same outfit as the princess of the day?

Birthday girl > birthday outfit > party favour = every girl taking notice of the birthday girl’s outfit = good party favour = happy baker 🙂

Bride and Groom Cake Pops

Ever since I got engaged, I had been thinking for a long time what to get as our wedding favours and given that I’ve never liked inedible items, I knew it had to be something that involved chocolate.  After all who doesn’t love chocolates?

So here are the top 3 reasons why cake pops make the best wedding favour:

1) It’s cake + frosting + chocolate.  Who doesn’t love all three??

2) It compliments the wedding theme.  I made bride and groom pops for myself, but there’s no stopping other people in having other elements of their wedding made into a cake pop.  I could’ve also went with love birds, love hearts or even a wedding cake.  Just google Bakerella’s cake pops and you can see the unlimited ends to cake pop designs.

3) It’s edible and beautiful.  Give me something for my home and I won’t know what to do with it.  Give me some food and I’ll love you for a lifetime.

Sugar flower bouquet

Sugar gumpaste flowers with peonies, hydrangeas, roses, gardenia buds, hydrangea buds, berries, sweat peas and roses buds

If anyone would have seen my previous post, then you would understand why it is such a shame that I never got to use this as the top tier of my cake topper.  Had I changed my mind and added gold doilies on the side it would have been my dream wedding cake indeed.

100 hours of hard work for it just to sit at home on my wedding night 😦

Sugar gumpaste flowers with peonies, hydrangeas, roses, gardenia buds, hydrangea buds, berries, sweat peas and roses buds

Flowers include:




Gardenia buds

Five petal flower (It’s like a daisy I suppose…)

Sweat peas


5 tier Teal and Pink Wedding Cake

I’m finally back after a long hiatus – well not really, I’m just back from my honeymoon.

If people ever tell you that it’s super hard to do a DIY job on your own wedding, do listen to them because they are right.  80% of my wedding was a DIY job (by myself…my husband wasn’t much help, as I will explain in later posts to come).  The number one question that I got asked when I first got engaged was “Are you going to do your own cake?”  “Ofcourse” I replied.

So here is the tale of how to do your own 5 tier wedding cake.

Step 1: Figure out how the cake will be delivered and set up on the day.  Being a hands on person, I thought ‘oh yeah, let me deliver it myself between the ceremony and the reception’.  That is the wrong approach to getting married.  Luckily I had a good friend who had some experience with cakes and she eagerly volunteered for the job.  Thanks N!

Step 2: Figure out whether there are other components of the cake that should only be set up by a cake decorator and noone else.  I made a floral bouquet on the top tier of the cake that I decided to scrap the night before the wedding as I didn’t want my friend to feel burdened by any breakage/fix-ups required on delivery.

So at 11pm the night before the wedding, I quickly made 2 lovebird cake toppers.  Not quite the thing I had in mind (I thought I would be getting pampered with facials, manicures and massages).

Step 3: That’s the main thing really.  At the end of the day, just relax.

So here it is, my 5 tier teal and pink wedding cake.

Cake: Chocolate mud cake

Filling: Raspberry

Design: 5 tier teal and pink cake with gold lace doilies and sugar flowers

Cake topper: Gold love birds