About Us

My very first memory of art was going to an afterschool art class during my pre-school years.  My mum, though being a nurse by day, loved to draw and wanted her kids to be able to paint and draw with her.  Thinking back over my early primary school years, my mum would often take my sister and myself out to parks to draw trees and flowers and we would even pick up flat stones from the river shores to bring home so that we can paint pictures on it and decorate our bookshelves with it.

I first discovered I liked art towards the early part of High School.  Looking back at my Art assignments that I’ve still kept to this day, I always got a lot of A+++ on my assignments.  Part of it was because I loved to draw, but also part of it was because being a studious ‘A’sian student, I kept nagging the teacher until he bumped up my grade.  Like all other ‘A’sian students though, I quickly gave up Art for the likes of Economics and Accounting and add on another 15 years later, you get a qualified Management Consultant who’s spent all her career in the corporate world.

It wasn’t until a change in the work environment that I started having more time to take up hobbies and cake decorating was naturally something that I fell into.  I liked art and I like cakes.  Perfect match.  So after a TAFE course and several other private cake decorating courses later, I set a goal of making my own wedding cake.  Add on a few other cakes and cupcakes in between and that’s how SugaConceptz was formed.

I hope you’ll find our work interesting as we always endeavour to make customer satisfaction the top of our list.  Matching our sugar products to the theme of your event is our specialty, as we believe that every person should have a memorable event.  So drop us a line if you are interested and sit back while we design something bespoke for you.

♥ Queenie