Cars birthday cake & cake pops

It was such a pleasure to be making this birthday cake for Annabelle who happens to love everything to do with Cars.  I’ve heard that since she was a toddler she’s slept with models of Disney Cars in both her hands…a ritual that is kept even to this age.

What I loved even more was making the cake pops for her.  They say third time’s a charm and how rightly so.  The very first time I made cake pops it was a bit of a disaster, it took me forever to get the consistency of the candy melts right (note: you can’t just use ANY couverture chocolate), some balls ended up with a very thick coating of chocolate.

The second time I made cake pops (my wedding cake pops), I was so eager to finish making the wedding favours for everyone so that I could get on with my other wedding prep (like getting a facial, massage…etc you know…the important stuff) that I didn’t let the cake balls thaw enough outside of the fridge that a lot of them started cracking once it was dried.  Lesson learnt: Make sure you thaw it for a bit before you dip it in the candy melts.

Finally, the third time is indeed a charm.  Not one cake pop was wasted in making these awesome cars.  Temperature checked.  Chocolate consistency checked.  Job completed checked.


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