5 tier Teal and Pink Wedding Cake

I’m finally back after a long hiatus – well not really, I’m just back from my honeymoon.

If people ever tell you that it’s super hard to do a DIY job on your own wedding, do listen to them because they are right.  80% of my wedding was a DIY job (by myself…my husband wasn’t much help, as I will explain in later posts to come).  The number one question that I got asked when I first got engaged was “Are you going to do your own cake?”  “Ofcourse” I replied.

So here is the tale of how to do your own 5 tier wedding cake.

Step 1: Figure out how the cake will be delivered and set up on the day.  Being a hands on person, I thought ‘oh yeah, let me deliver it myself between the ceremony and the reception’.  That is the wrong approach to getting married.  Luckily I had a good friend who had some experience with cakes and she eagerly volunteered for the job.  Thanks N!

Step 2: Figure out whether there are other components of the cake that should only be set up by a cake decorator and noone else.  I made a floral bouquet on the top tier of the cake that I decided to scrap the night before the wedding as I didn’t want my friend to feel burdened by any breakage/fix-ups required on delivery.

So at 11pm the night before the wedding, I quickly made 2 lovebird cake toppers.  Not quite the thing I had in mind (I thought I would be getting pampered with facials, manicures and massages).

Step 3: That’s the main thing really.  At the end of the day, just relax.

So here it is, my 5 tier teal and pink wedding cake.

Cake: Chocolate mud cake

Filling: Raspberry

Design: 5 tier teal and pink cake with gold lace doilies and sugar flowers

Cake topper: Gold love birds


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