Purple ombre rustic cake

You know you’re a cake lover when the first thing you do after getting off the plane is drive to the supermarket to get cake ingredients.

Coming back from a 9 hour flight with no sleep the night before, I was still extra keen to make this cake.  Why?  Well it’s for a dear friend of mine and my bridesmaid to be!  Well…actually I gave her the choice to either be a bridesmaid or wedding singer (since she’ll be perfect for both roles!) and she chose the first!

She doesn’t know this, but I actually tailored this design in several ways to suit her:

1) She doesn’t like things too sweet, so Buttercream 1 – Fondant 0.

2) She doesn’t like too much cream, so inner layers were filled with a very thin layer of jam instead of cream.

3) She wants earl grey tea flavoured cake.  Tick.

4) I don’t exactly know what her favourite colour is…but I decided to facebook stalk her pictures and found that she wore a lot of dark blue/purple coloured tops, so I made the cake purple themed!

5) That’s about it really.  The rest is just because I like everything ombre.  Whether it be outside with the icing or inside with the 6 cake layers (although you can’t actually see the effect of it with my shoddy iphone camera skills), a purple ombre cake is fit for a princess!  It’ll also be great as the top tier of a wedding cake! ❤


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