Rustic wedding cake

A while ago Mrs P asked me to help her come up with a cake to celebrate their beautiful 40th wedding anniversary with their vowel renewals.  When I found out that it’d be a garden wedding with a lunch reception I immediately jumped to ideas of a rustic buttercream cake.

Inspiration: Not only is it the latest trend, its lighter texture also makes it a great cake to have in winter as this will no doubt melt if it was in summer time and the rustic touch suits a garden style celebration.  Mrs P wanted a cake that wasn’t too sweet so buttercream will be perfect for the occasion as it is in my opinion, less sweet than fondant and ganache.

The flowers: Cascading shades of light to dark purple sugar gardenia flowers were used to decorate the cake to contrast and highlight the burgundy themed dresses on the day.  The petals were also added and shaded to link the flowers on each tier.

It was truly an honour to be able to make this to celebrate this wonderful and super special celebration.  To another 40 years!

Many thanks to Bianca Cardenas Photography for sharing this picture with me.  Lovely and gorgeous work indeed!


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