Lego spaceman tutorial

It has been a tremendously busy month and although I’m very behind in my blogging and have been out of action for practically a month I can’t wait to share this tutorial with you all about how I made the lego spaceman.

After days of googling and researching I finally came across dazeycakes’ tutorial on how she built a lego 3D storm trooper cake.  I don’t have anything made of lego other than my miniature 4cm Princess Leia keychain, so I used her measurements as a base to build my spaceman.

Using dazeycakes’ picture, I broke the whole spaceman down to 4 parts, head, arms, body and legs.

The body and legs are pretty straightforward.  4 layers of chocolate mud cake separated by cookies and cream filling and sealed with dark chocolate fondant.  So I’ll just explain how to make the head.

I decided to use rice krispies as it’s easier to mould and it’ll be lighter (and given that I had too much cake for the number of people who were actually at the party, it means less wastage).  I made my own using cocopops and melted marshmallows which I then moulded into a ball/head shape.  I packed mine into a bowl so that I could get the perfectly well rounded shape.  With the arms, just roll them into rectangular shapes but square one side of it off for the ‘shoulders’ and make sure it’s got a slight bend for the elbows.  I left mine in the fridge overnight to set.

When it’s set, take it out and ganache it with chocolate.  Add in additional chocolate for any lumps/dents to make sure it’s smooth all over.  Use the hot knifing technique if necessary.  I found that with rice krispies it’s very hard to get it super smooth with just my scraper and palette knife the first time round so I hot knifed it a bit (this pic was pre hot knifing).

Once the ganache has set, cover with fondant.  I then marked the size of the face that I wanted on the head and carved out the white fondant that I had previously covered.  When carving out the face, make sure you do it at an angle so that it looks like a helmet rather than just a straight 90 degree angle cut.  I don’t have a close up picture of the head, but this is actually really easy to do using your palette knife (don’t use a serrated knife as that might tear your fondant apart).

Using the piece that’s carved out, flip it over and cut out a piece of yellow fondant.  I made this a bit thicker so that I could always smooth it out around the sides if it wasn’t big enough for the face.  This would also enhance the angled cut of the helmet to make it look more real.

I just used fondant to make the eyes and mouth, but you can always use royal icing or edible pens to decorate.

And there you have it!  3D Lego spaceman done!!

As a last note, you’ll see that I didn’t cover the bottom of the board where the head sat with fondant, but if you want a clean finish I know Buddy always does it on Cake Boss!  Enjoy!!


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