LEGO dessert table for a birthday boy

Dessert tables are absolutely my favourite thing.  A couple of weeks ago when I asked the bf what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he said ‘lego spaceman’.  I was thinking ok cool, I’ll make a few spacemen sitting on top of a moon with rockets and planets in the background…he said ‘No – I want a 3D standing lego spaceman’…

So I set out to start planning something spectacular for the day.  A lego themed dessert table with a white lego spaceman cake as the centrepiece (he wanted the white one).

Accompaniments were lego block biscuits, lego spaceman biscuits, lego brick cupcakes and ofcourse a mini candy/lollies buffet.  Guests were given a polaroid to take pictures and write in a birthday message for the birthday boy.

Things were a bit busy on the day with running around getting the bbq started but once guests arrived, that’s when the real magic began.  It all started off with R who ran straight for the table as soon as he got there and grabbed a biscuit to eat…and then another one…hahaha, and we hadn’t even started cooking yet.  Later on after we’ve all dug into the dessert it was so much fun watching the little kids put on a show for us from the sugar high that they got.

Here are some pics from the day:


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