Christmas in July Dessert Table

It’s finally here!  I’ve always dreamed of dessert tables and what a perfect opportunity it was when we were approached to prepare a dessert table for a very special person.

When we heard Ms M likes to have her annual family holiday/union every July, we thought what better way is there to celebrate with family than to have a Christmas party in July!  It’s the closest thing that any Australian can ever have to having a white Christmas and it is meant to be a time of sharing and thanksgiving afterall.

This was a super duper fun theme to play with and my favourite part was definitely making the two cakes to celebrate.  It goes without saying that no dessert table is complete without great paper decorations – many thanks to TheStationeryRoom for collaborating with me on this theme and making sure that everything was seamless on the day.

Here are a few pics from the day…(more to follow on Facebook)

Dessert table all lit up…so pretty 🙂

The cakes:

Chocolate cherry cake – Not quite a typical Christmas cake, this was themed for the adults.  I decided to have a penguin party with marshmallows roasting over the open fire.  No penguins allowed.  The sign says it all.  Hence, why there’s two snowman who didn’t make it in (as you can see, one of them has started melting already).  Originally I thought of another idea which was to have a half melted snowman on top of the fire surrounded by penguins – but scrapped that idea because I thought that might’ve been a bit morbid for kids – afterall, it is Christmas!

Traditional fruit cake: Sealed with glaze, marzipan and fondant, this cake is good to go!  In true Christmas cake spirit and more importantly, making sure we cater for kiddies too, this was beautifully decorated with a teddy bear sitting under a Christmas tree surrounded by presents and candycane.  As usual, all toppers were made with fondant (sugar paste) and is 100% edible.  I did however put the toppers on a separate board, sealed it onto the cake with royal icing so that you can slice it right off and keep it!

Salted caramel cupcakes: I absolutely love the gingerbread man cupcake topper on the centre cupcake.  It is absolutely the cutest design ever!!

Red velvet cake pops: These were very fun to design.  The art of piping is entirely up to the decorator – there’s no real ‘consistency’ in these designs because it’s very much touch and go.  You can add as much (or as little) as you want to get it to the look that you want.  I’ve always loved the swirls and dots design and thought it would be a great opportunity to decorate it like the Christmas balls you hang on your tree.

Chocolate coconut truffles: The aroma of coconut filled the room as soon as I brought these out.  Decorated with fondant/sugar hats and scarves, I really had to resist eating this as I was making them.

Party favours: Finally to finish the night off, guests filled up their party favour gift bags and gift boxes with leftover desserts and sweets.  All boxes, bags and gift wrappers were handmade by TheStationeryRoom.

See you next Christmas!!


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