First cupcake workshop

June has been an extremely busy month, involving multiple late nights of work, multiple late nights of preparation and a trip overseas.  The highlight for the month would definitely have been the cupcake workshop that I got to run for a women’s event at my Church.

As I prepared for a workshop of 3 designer cupcakes for 60 people, here are some things I learnt:

1) Make sure you get all your ingredients in advance – although I ordered mine 2 weeks  in advance in some cases they didn’t arrive until much later so you can imagine how long it will take to accurately cut, weigh and wrap 60 pieces of fondant in 3 colours (a total of 180 pieces!)

2) If it’s for a workshop – order your cupcakes.  If it was for an actual order, I would never order anything from elsewhere, because unless it’s a specialty shop (i.e., boutique store), most other places do not have a very rich flavour in their cakes.  The cupcakes used on the day were from a cupcake place that does deliveries – perfect when you need 180 in such short notice.

3) Have fun.  Ultimately this workshop should be a place where you can let everyone’s creativity run wild.  Walking around the ‘classroom’, it was great to see what people did with their cupcakes and the deviations they made with the skills they learnt on the day.

I didn’t get a chance to snap up any pics on the day, but here’s a pic of everything set up beforehand:

The design: As this was a women’s event and there’s people of all ages coming, I wanted to create 3 basic cupcakes that had a flair of elegance and sophistication.  The cupcakes would also incorporate working with 2d and 3d designs as well as royal icing.  If you can do this well – you’re ready for wedding cakes (well not quite, but it’s step 1!!).

The theme: The cupcakes were themed with the design of the invite (done by TheStationeryRoom).

My church: If you would like to find out more about my faith and my church, please visit St Mark’s Malabar.  For the newcomers on the day, I hope you enjoyed the talk and the workshop.


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