The Diamond Jubilee – Queen’s Birthday Special

The brief: Molar cupcakes with a tiara to celebrate Queen’s birthday.

I was asked to make a number of cupcakes fit for a dentist but also to celebrate Queen’s birthday.  After much discussion about the design of it all, we decided to go with molar sculpted cupcakes decorated with tiaras.  The cupcake wrapper was silver to make it look even more like real molars sitting on a molar band.  Google Molar Bands for more information – I had no idea what they were up until this point since I take care of my teeth =P

Given that it was the diamond jubilee, I thought it would be appropriate for some tiaras to be covered with diamantes so that it stands out as the special tiara fit for the queen!

These cupcakes were really fun to make and my favourite part was to see all the tiaras lined up.  There is something very special about seeing food covered in edible glitter – it makes it all pretty!

Flavours: Assortment of Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut and Red Velvet

Happy Queen’s Birthday everyone!  Don’t forget to book in your check up at the dentist before 30 June!


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