Chanel 2.55 Birthday Cake

Chanel 2.55 handbag cake
The story

According to Wikipedia, the Chanel 2.55 bag was designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955 after she got sick of having to carry her bags and wanted something more functional so that the everyday woman can use it.

Ever since I first got into cake decorating, I’ve wanted to make this one.  I made the chains and the CC label in advance so that the gold edible paint will have time to dry.  Mr S wanted to get this for his lovely wife’s birthday, so after being asked to make a handbag cake for the b’day girl, I thought ‘hey, why not make the Chanel 2.55 bag?’…I don’t know of any girl who don’t know this iconic piece of fashion history…

It also crossed my mind to make a Chloe bag instead since that’s the name of the b’day girl, but after taking a look at Chloe bags online, I can’t say that there are that many iconic bags…so I really hope she liked it!

The delivery

Of the 30min car ride on this trip, 20min was spent on bumpy roads and spinning round and round inside a dodgy carpark.  Sigh, sadly one of the chains loosened from the trip and the ‘leather strap’ fell off.  As I yelled in anguish at my driver to slow down I thought to myself ‘why the heck did I not bring my tool kit for this delivery???’.  Anyhow, it was just one of the 150+ links that I made so hopefully it wasn’t that bad and it shouldn’t be that noticeable if you put it back in place when you serve it.

The details

The cake: Dark chocolate mud cake layered with strawberry whipped cream

Cupcakes: Rich vanilla cupcake

Ganache: Dark chocolate ganache

Of the 5 cupcake toppers, my favourite was the miniature version of the 2.55 in white (with white and gold straps) and also the Chanel gift bag with gift/wrapping paper – for the fashionista inside every girl 🙂

You can find more photos on my facebook page >>


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