Sakura ga suki!

A few years ago I had the privilege to spend three months working in Tokyo for a top consultancy firm. I’ve always been a great fan of all things Japanese – the sashimi, the desserts, the friendliness of locals, the shopping and most of all – sakura (cherry blossoms).

Every April/May there’s a week in which it is prime cherry blossom season.  Many flock to secure a spot in the park where they can enjoy a nice picnic under the serene views of nature where branches of blossoms meet in the middle of the path and all that can be seen are fields of pink, red and white.

I was really lucky to have been there during Golden Week – a week long of public holidays during the cherry blossom season and so I planned my trip around cherry blossom viewing.  Every night I’d be on the computer looking up when the next site/town has reported a sudden bloom in the blossom trees and there I’d set off.

It was truly an amazing city and country.  I was able to see so much during my time there.  I even got to see a special sakura matsuri (cherry blossom festival) at Mount Fuji!  Mind you, I didn’t realise how cold it would be up the mountain, and even though I only had a t-shirt on that day bearing with the 4 degrees cold front, that didn’t stop me from taking this picture.

It’s been so long since I’ve visited Japan that I really miss it and wanted to make this sakura sugar box.  That’s right, it might look like a cake, but it’s actually made out of sugar!  It sets like fine bone china so you can actually keep the box forever and use it to keep jewellery or anything else to your liking in it!

I have so many plans to make different boxes with different themes, I can’t wait to try all the ideas I have.  This sure makes a great present that will keep forever.  For me, I just like the fact that it brought back all the memories of Nippon Sakura.


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