Beating the midnight munchies: Ruffle cake

Cake: Earl grey tea cake

Decorations: Buttercream ruffles

So it’s 11.30pm and I had the sudden craving for something sugary – well, what better snacks to eat than a baked cake?  Based on the limited ingredients that I had in my cupboard, I decided to whip up the trusty Earl Grey tea cake recipe.  It was sooo delicious!!  I’ve always loved eating tea cakes because it’s not too rich and it’s perfect as a midnight snack.

After letting the cake cool, I wanted to try my hand at doing frilly ruffles on the side as well (beware – cake decorating is a very addictive habit and it will keep you up late at night).  Sadly I ran out of buttercream so couldn’t do the top layer of the cake in it.  Oh well, I had fun anyway and the cake tastes totally awesome!!


3 thoughts on “Beating the midnight munchies: Ruffle cake

  1. This is your idea of a midnight snack?!? Mine is usually a piece of chocolate and a cup of tea! Impressive!

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