Tiffany’s inspired birthday cake

The brief: Fashionista who loves all things pretty

Despite juggling a 2 day work conference, 3 work deadlines and other social commitments I managed to fit this one in.  Still don’t really know exactly how I managed to do it, but I did.  Oh yes, minus the 1am sleep times and waking up at 6 to make my own marshmallow fondant, this cake was truly a beauty in many ways.

1 – Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow fondant (MMF) as all cake artists should know is NEVER a beneficial ingredient to use when doing a cake job – both in time and cost (of labour).  Yet, its sweetness and health benefits (being lack of preservatives) certainly brings on new factors to which Ready-To-Roll fondant cannot compare.  This particular MMF fondant took me a long time to make, and boy do I mean long.  Endless hours were spent rolling it to the right consistency, carefully kneading in more colour and adding in more ingredients bit by bit.  MMF can also be fridged unlike other fondant covered cakes, which makes it a perfect medium to use when you have whipped cream or other fresh perishable ingredients in between the different layers of the cake.  However, it is known to sweat a little when you take it out, hence giving your cake an overall glossy finish.

Would I make this again?  Certainly!  But this will only be for special people for special occasions or when specially requested.  This job has made me realise that I can’t do late nights anymore – yes, age and time has finally taken a toll on my body.  LOL.

2 – Layers

Originally I was planning to make 6 layers of the cake, colouring each layer different shades of tiffany blue.  Once again, my ambitions coupled with limited time got the better of me and I settled with using the yellow sponge to separate the two greens/blues that I already had.  Looked good anyway.  I was happy with it.

3 – Colour/design style

As with any stylist, everything must work together.  What I love the most about this cake is not just the outer decorations, but how it all fits in with the cake on the inside as well as the Tiffany’s gift box (mini cake topper).  Most of all, this was the right colour to pick as it was the birthday girl’s favourite – she even wore a top of the same colour on the day she got this cake!

When asked why I made a Tiffany’s style cake…? Well, to put it quite simply – What girl does not like Tiffany? 🙂


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