No ordinary bear

It was an ordinary Saturday, but this was no ordinary bear.  I say this because this bear has gone through A LOT and SURVIVED.  As a self-proclaimed safe driver, I never understood why my friends would sometimes freak out when I give them a ride.  So what if I sometimes don’t give way at a roundabout and charge through at full speed, or so what if I have a tendency to step on the gas even if the light has turned from green to yellow for some time?

Well, today was the day that I realised how important it was to be a smooth driver.  Yes, this was my first delivery where I wasn’t getting someone else to drive me and boy was I in for a surprise.  It almost felt like de ja vu and going back to my driving test day when I would go at 10km/hr in a 40 zone.  Well the point is, the bear made it all in one piece!!  No damage was done other than the other drivers on the road that I’m sure would’ve been somewhat annoyed at my lack of speed.  Oh well, it’s not every day I make a delivery myself.  Don’t worry, I’ll bring along my driver next time.

Lesson of the day: A perfect cake means nothing if you cannot ensure safe delivery 🙂

Cake: Vanilla sponge

Frosting: Buttercream

Feeds: 60 serves


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