Angry Birds Cake

Angry Bird-Day Cake Q&A

Q: How long did this cake take?

A: Too long.  I literally spent every hour I had available during the week to make this cake.  Most of the time was invested in making the figurines/cake toppers.  If you look at the detailed pictures in the gallery, every pig has a different expression.

Q: What flavour is this cake?

A: I didn’t get any specifics/request on what the cake should be, so I tried a new recipe that’s a cross between a sponge and a mud cake.  Parts of the cake have layers of butter cake and chocolate cake parted with strawberry jam and buttercream.  It wasn’t the easiest medium to work with, so next time I will be sticking back to mud cake as they never fail.  The brown bricks are cake crumbed with chocolate ganache.  Basically, the inside of a cake pop.

Q: What icing was used on the outside of the cake?

A: As this request came in rather late and I neither had the time to make my own marshmallow fondant nor buy my normal ready-to-roll fondant, I had to make do with a new brand that anyone can get off-the-shelf.  There’s a first for everything and it was in this experience that I learnt, stick with the ingredients you have worked with before – even if it means driving a good hour to go to the shop and get it.

Q: Are the figurines playable?

A: Absolutely, the whole point of setting up the cake this way was so that it can be playable!  All you need is a workable slingshot!  I didn’t have one, so I made one out of fondant.  It’s just for looks to set the scene so couldn’t be used to shoot the pigs.

Q: Is this edible?

A: Everything is 100% edible.  Even the grass which is made of buttercream.

Q: What was the best part about this cake?

A: Deciding how to set the obstacle course/the scene for the pigs and birds to sit.  Also, I love seeing the expressions on people when they see the cake – it’s priceless.


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