All things Tiffany


There has always been a hidden mystery about the brand we all know as ‘Tiffany’s’.  While not only movies and songs make reference to the well known brand, I myself have heard of stories where girls have specifically requested for their engagement ring to be purchased only at…Tiffany’s.

What I like the most about this brand though is not the jewellery that you can get, from the key pendant (refer to picture below), to the charm bracelet, to the ‘tiffany’s’ cut engagement ring, but rather the pretty packaging that it comes in.  Yes, once again this proves the fact that girls will always be sucked into the marketing and appearance of products rather than the substance of it (e.g., iphone vs galaxy).

Well, to our point, the packaging IS amazing.  Despite the fact that other cakes/cupcakes may take more work, this design never fails.  These were so pretty I almost couldn’t bear to part with them. My personal favourite? The gift stack box and the shopping bag 🙂


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